Sundae Driver Strain

Sundae Driver Strain And Why Use It

The sundae driver strain is an indicia-dominant hybrid originating from California. It has a delicious taste, making it the sundae you want to be driving! Much like its name implies, sundae driver tastes sweet and smooth with undertones of bitter chocolate. This combination gives it a complex profile that makes sundae drive not unlike a fruity pastry or dessert with hints of coffee or tea. The sundae driver high starts off euphoric, giving users feelings of extreme happiness and general upliftedness throughout the entire day. 

Relaxation and stress relief

Users are very talkative after consuming sundae drivers but have reported feeling fatigued once the initial onset subsides after about one hour or so. The sundae driver high is known to boost creativity and energy, making it great for artists. General relaxation and stress relief are sundae driver’s most common medicinal uses. Some other sundae driver benefits include: anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, appetite stimulant (great for those who need extra help with their current weight loss regimen), arthritis pain reliever, chronic pain killer, muscle relaxer, depression reliever and nausea reducer.

Highly euphoric effects

One of sundae drivers’ only downsides is the short duration of its high; after an hour or so you’ll start to feel fatigued and see your buzz come to a close. However, sundae drivers’ highly euphoric effects make up for its lack of ceiling meaning that sundae drivers aren’t likely to give you too much too soon. Sundae driver strain is known to have had its fair share of growers, making it somewhat common in some areas. Sundae drivers are usually picked, trimmed, and cured for their full effects before being sold at dispensaries.

Sundae drivers

However, sundae drivers are great for growing indoors or outdoors due to its early flowering time (about 6-8 weeks). They are not the tallest plants but they grow outwards more than up which makes them suitable for smaller spaces. Sundae drivers are typically grown by experienced growers who know how to make the most of limited space in their grow rooms. Sundae drivers remain short in stature throughout their growth cycle (usually between 3-5 feet) until they approach where they’ll gain about 1-2 feet in height with the sundae drivers’ buds. 

Sundae Driver Strain Fragrance

The scent is a mellow, smooth, fruit profile that won’t overwhelm users. There are heavy hints of fruity pebbles and grape, with herbal undertones that keep the scent interesting

Sundae drive can produce anywhere between 3-6 ounces of smoke per plant, depending on the size of sundae driver grow room and how experienced its growers are with sundae drivers. Once fully matured sundae drivers produce dense, frosty flowers that shine brightly under any light. sundae drivers usually have a light green appearance but turn more floral as they mature with noticeable orange pistils beginning to become visible throughout sundae drives’ flowers. Sundae drivers also look like they’re covered by sugar crystals because of their resinous nature which makes them sticky and stinky! As far as sundae driver strain names go, “sundae drive” is not commonly seen for sale at dispensaries, but it is used quite often by sundae drive growers and sundae drive aficionados. Sundae drivers are great for boosting creativity so have fun with its name!

Adverse Reactions

Most people report nothing more than moderately dry eyes and mouth when using Sundae Driver. On occasion, mild feelings of paranoia may occur in those with high levels of anxiety or stress. However, these feelings usually happen when taking larger doses than recommended. By using in moderation, users can mitigate any side effects and keep their experience smooth, chill, and fun.


Like many strains with a solid indica content, Sundae Driver has plenty of body effects. The euphoric head high and intense body buzz is helpful for everything from stress to inflammation.

Delicious terpenes

To all the sundae drivers out there- enjoy yourself, be safe. If you want to experience sundae driver without smoking it, try vaping sundae drivers instead. Vaping sundae driver allows users to taste these delicious terpenes without inhaling any of the combusted plant matter that usually comes along with smoking. Sundae driver strains are most common in California where they’re known to have had their fair share of legal problems compared to other states’ laws surrounding cannabis sativa plants and products (and indica-dominant hybrids).

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