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One of the most essential things for comic book readers is access to all the various comics. Whether it’s through news sites that provide them, or online libraries like Dropbox or torrents, people need to be aware of where they can find good content. One problem with this is that some websites don’t allow you to download there .cbr files. This means you’re stuck scrolling through pages looking for what you want. Newsarama has implemented a way around this by implementing.

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Newsarama InstaBrowse

Newsarama InstaBrowse which is a special page on their site that allows you to easily select certain kinds of files and download them within the same browser window. This eliminates the need to open up an external desktop program like you do when using torrents, for example. No Downloader extensions, no checking up on your downloads every 15 minutes. It’s most likely not truly instantaneous – wait time will vary from user to user based on individual internet speeds – but it’s as close as we’re going to get without paying out the wazoo for a dedicated comics-specific Torrent service.

They even have a fast news page for quick access to everything.

You can find newsarama. The software is open-source, so you are free to examine the code and modify it to suit your own needs. You can also visit newsarama’s official website at newsarama, but this site allows you to create an account which will save your preferences between sessions. Go ahead and give it a try! It might change the way you read news about comics in general, or maybe just how you download them.

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Newsarama instabroewse via Google chrome only

1) Open up Newsarama InstaBrowse 2) Click on the Chrome menu in the upper right corner, then select Tools. 3) Select Extensions from the drop-down menu 4) In the list of installed extensions, Locate newsarama and make sure Enable is selected 5) Close Chrome completely 6) Open up 7) Files should now download directly to your computer. Marvel Comics ‘ new character Mother Righteous has a little girl whose power rivals that of mutants. She’s a mysterious figure whom readers will learn more about in upcoming issues. 

A powerful and Mysterious

Marvel unveils “a powerful and mysterious” new figure in X-Men comics. The newsaram was announced on newsarama today – newsarama creator Andy Cush revealed that Mother Righteous is a “mysteriously powered” child with the ability to fight mutants. Just who is Mother Righteous? Well, not even Marvel knows right now. All they know is that she’s kicking ass and taking names in issues #1-3 of this summer’s X-Men event series.

MOTHER RIGHTEOUS is Marvel’s next big character, but she isn’t a hero or a villain. Cush wouldn’t go so far as to reveal if Mother Righteous is an existing character in the Marvel Universe or not, but he did say that her appearance in X-Men: Apocalypse Wars “will have major consequences for the entire X-Men universe.” And speaking of consequences, Mother Righteous definitely has one when it comes to mutant kind. Just look at how her power – glowing eyes, fiery hands – rivals that of even mutants themselves.

Interview with Newsarama

In an interview with Newsarama, new series editor Nick Lowe said that writer Matt Fraction is planning a special origin story for the character of Mother Askani, who will debut in the first issue of the new title.  During a time travel sequence set in 1984, when Cable is a teenager, he’ll encounter his future self and learn about Mother Askani (this is news to me. I’m glad to see Cable getting an origin story). “Matt’s plan was, you’ve got this very powerful time traveler in Cable,” Lowe said. “Well how did he get there? How does he arrive at the present day with all his tech and everything?” In addition to her time travel exploits, Mother Askani is also a telepath, which fits into the plans Marvel has for X-Men: Legacy, another title that will spin out of events from AvX.

How does he arrive at the present day with all tech and everything?

That series will focus on Professor Xavier’s son Legion, who has been traveling through history as a different person every time we see him. This leads him to mental problems and dangerous abilities. One of Legion’s storylines inspired Fraction to write Mother Askani into the series. If Legion is obviously dealing with problems of time travel, well there you go,” Lowe said. 

This is the solution to that part of his character. And how she helps him becomes a big part of this first arc.” There’s also newsara an additional layer that Fraction hopes will be added to the Legacy conflict.  He wants readers to question whether Mother Askani can be trusted by Cable and Professor Xavier – although no one would say exactly why they wouldn’t trust her.