Every girl wants to be as beautiful as possible at her suit for prom. After all, it is the high point of a student’s life. It is a well-deserved and emotional moment, worthy of a solemn ceremony and a great celebration for the graduate and her family.

Considering that it is an occasion that will be recorded in photographs, videos and in our memory, it is natural that it represents one of the moments in which we care the most about how we will look. The apparel becomes one of the marks of consideration and it is regular of these institutional functions that the “clothing standard” with which to go to is all around directed. Be that as it may, the potential outcomes are unfathomable. Investigate our style tips to pick your ideal prom dress or tuxedos prom.

Origin of proms

Graduation ceremonies are a formality that has been going on for many years. According to some records, it originated at the University of Oxford during the fifteenth century in an act in which graduates had to complete their studies with a sermon in Latin, a tradition that spread to other British universities. Already in the 19th century, these ceremonies culminated in a gala graduation dance, a tradition that spread to the most important universities in other countries.

Ways to pick the right prom outfit

  1. – Take into account the weather and the location of the festive event. Choose a fabric and a model that makes you feel as comfortable as possible and that takes into account the temperature (cold or hot) and the place (country, beach, and hotel room, among others).
  2. – Select a suit that flatters your figure, highlights your virtues and hides your flaws. The most important thing is that it stays true to your style and makes you feel comfortable being yourself.
  3. – Prioritize a wardrobe that allows you to be comfortable during the long hours that you will have to wear it, from the ceremony to the party.
  4. – If you are one of those who is into the ecological wave, try to choose a timeless model or one that is easy to intervene, so that you can give your dress a long life.
  5. – If you are going to wear a single dress in the academic ceremony and the dance, opt for a party model that is suitable for the daytime event. Avoid going overdressed, and wearing exuberant or very bright outfits. Discard mini or very narrow dresses. Be careful with very low necklines or leg openings.