Death Stranding Sunglasses

The Death Stranding Sunglasses and Eyewear Collection

I think it’s safe to say Death Stranding Sunglasses is a bit odd. When Hideo Kojima’s latest creative work first came out, it stunned many and confused others even more. It has since become a flagship title of the PlayStation with its strange narrative and slow gameplay.
Death Stranding is the work of one of the few video game auteurs, and you can definitely sense it. Death Stranding might not be to everyone’s taste, but when it works, it works. However, Death Stranding merchandise is getting weird. And pricey.
After collaborating with JFRey for an eyewear collection inspired by his previous video game, Hideo Kojima met with the French designer Jean-François Rey and his creative studio to develop a collection of optical and sunglasses adapted to the graphics of the video game. In close cooperation with KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS, our designers designed frames that fit the personalities of each character. This collection has benefited from the know-how of the French eyewear manufacturer in terms of originality, materials, and neat finishes.
make light reflect off shiny surfaces such as the sea, snow, and roads. This creates unwanted reflection effects that can disrupt your visual comfort. Sunlenses can be made more clear by using a special filter that eliminates unwanted reflections. Your vision will therefore be more comfortable and clearer. This technology is recommended for use near water or while driving. All of the Death Stranding sunglasses feature high quality polarized lenses.


New Death Stranding sunglasses and masks were developed by Jean-François Rey, a French eyewear company. In the real deal, they’re created in collaboration with Hideo Kojima, giving them a grim aesthetic like Death Stranding.

The most expensive piece of facial kit is the Ludens Mask, which you can pick up for a whopping $500. As well as nylon materials, metal parts are utilized to make it appear as if it came out of a post-apocalyptic adventure.

You could also get the $400 pair of Death Stranding sunglasses if you consider yourself Sam Poter Bridges. These are designed to look like they’ve been plucked off of Norman Reedus’s face.


As of late 2019, Polygon called Monster’s product placement in Death Stranding “vandalism”. In this case, five women sued Monster for harassment, sexual misconduct, and wrongful termination. However, the drink featured prominently in the original game, Monster had its own neon booth at the Tokyo Game Show, and Sam regularly replenished his stamina canisters with the drink.
It’s not clear why Monster has been removed from Death Stranding, but perhaps the deal between Kojima and the company expired. It’s not cheap to have your product featured in AAA titles like Death Stranding. Despite its divided reception, the original sold over 5 million copies and made a profit for Kojima.