Recruitment Process

Manual for Designing A Quality Recruitment Process

Finding and retaining talented employees is a challenge for human resources departments. And it is that human talent forms an essential part of any successful company, it is one of the most valuable assets that can be had. However, qualified and quality employees are difficult to find, hire and even more difficult to retain.

Although there is no magic formula for attracting human talent, you can design a personnel recruitment process tailored to the needs of the company with this manual or also help yourself with a personnel recruitment and selection companies such as talent place.

The recruitment process is related to each of the stages and steps necessary to attract and select potential candidates to become new employees and fill new or replacement vacancies within the company organization. In other words, this process entails the search for the candidate with the best skills, competencies, and professional experiences to adapt to the job position.

How to recruit company staff step by step

What is the right time to carry out a recruitment process? How long does it take to choose the perfect candidate? Is there really a need to fill that position from the hiring manager’s point of view? If you want to develop your company’s recruitment process from scratch, keep reading, we will show you step by step how to do it and not fail in the attempt.

Process for creating a successful recruiting process:

Identify the needs

The first stage of the staff recruitment process is to identify the real needs that exist. Before creating the job offer, it is necessary to assess whether it is a replacement or a new job. In the first case, a candidate is sought to replace a worker who has left his position. In this situation, it is not so difficult to identify the need for hiring since it already existed previously. On the other hand, if the job position is new or you want to change the responsibilities of the position, it is necessary to complete a checklist of hiring needs.

Define the hiring model

There are multiple situations to add a new co-worker in a company, either due to a permanent professional need or because a project needs a different type of professional that you do not have on your staff and to have a generation of talent that you do not have. You have to solve all these questions before going deeper and outlining what the ideal candidate should be like.

Create a recruitment plan

At this stage of the recruitment process it is essential that you determine a planning and the people in charge of intervening in each stage. Identify who will receive resumes, who will review them, who will contact candidates, who will interview them, and who will make the decisions to decide on the ideal candidate.

Describe the job title and the channels to reach candidates

As a recruiter, take time to draw up the profile of the job position and the job offer, this is the basis for a process of these characteristics to be successful. Once these issues have been clarified, it is essential that you evaluate the channels through which you can find the profile of the candidate you are looking for. Is it the job portal of the Web ? Are you interested in publishing the offer on Linkedin, the professional social network par excellence? Or, on the contrary, do you want to reach many people and include the job offer on rather generic platforms?

Start the search

With the help of recruitment tools you can minimize candidate search times. For example, if you bet on an ATS or candidate tracking system, you can filter the most qualified candidates by keywords that are decisive in finding the candidate’s profile. On the other hand, this type of tool also allows you to send scheduled messages to weed out applicants who are not as qualified.

Call and recruit quality candidates

After receiving the resumes, make personalized contact with the candidates by email or by phone and make each of them feel unique. Find the best candidates and inform them of each step of the recruitment process. In this way you will be creating a positive candidate experience strategy. With Sesame hiring you can streamline your hiring process and streamline it.

Create the perfect interview

The process should not take too long, in case the decision is not clear or it takes a while, you can communicate it, so as not to lose the interest of the candidates. Conduct no more than one or two job interviews with highly regarded professionals based on a series of questions and tests that are relevant to the job position.

In this step to create the recruitment process, it is key to really know the person behind the CV, delve into their career and those experiences that are related to the job opportunity you are offering.