Making Friends Abroad: How Does It Work?

There are two things to think about. First, before, all of my friends were strangers. So don’t be afraid to go out and meet new people! Second, there is a difference between the people you meet and date and your real friends. Building true friendships takes time and patience and doesn’t happen overnight. Now let’s start with chathub what we can do to find these people first!

1. Before Moving: Make Friends Online

There are many forums, Facebook groups, etc. You can sign up before moving abroad. You’re probably not the only one starting a new life in your next city. So you’re not the only one looking for new friends.

Another useful tip: If you still can’t decide where to live, it’s time to try sofa surfing! Of course, it’s not long, but 2-3 days is enough to meet new people. Most of them are very welcoming and will guide you around the city and give you insider information. If you’re doing well, I’ll call you later. It’s really easy. If you don’t like the concept of couch surfing, you’ll find plenty of people in hostels all over the city.

2. Go

You have to leave your apartment to meet new people. Obvious? OK, so get out! You don’t have to walk the streets asking everyone to be your new friend… you shouldn’t! Why not join a sports club, music school or other group related to your hobbies? In this way, you can also find people who share the same interests. If you go to the gym regularly, you might even meet people. Or maybe you need to start a new hobby. If you are an interested beginner, it is very easy to start a conversation with an expert.

3. Say “Yes”!

One day, you will build a series of relationships that can be friends. Now what do you say when they tell you to get out? “Yes, of course. To improve your connection, you have to live the moment. After work? Great! Sunday breakfast? Let’s go! You have to admit that you can’t do it every day because money will be an issue. On the other hand, instead, your budget You can think of the possibilities this allows and suggest to others. They will appreciate your initiative!

4. Advertising

This is so outrageous that it should be mentioned here! Someone came up with the idea of ​​printing a shirt with the phrase that you are new to the city and want to make new friends. I’m not 100% sure it will work, but at least people will come to tell you. But be careful where you put this. In some parts of the city there are always strange people who do not want to talk. If you do, please let me know! Unless you’re the type of person who feels good to have “I want to make me, talk to me” printed on a shirt, you can try talking to someone on the street because you like coats, shoes, and hairstyles. …Anything.

5. Follow!

I’ve already mentioned it before, but it’s very important, so I repeat. Be patient! Making friends takes time. The older you get, the more so. Don’t despair! Most importantly: be good friends. People who appreciate you will want to be around you.

Last but not least, don’t forget your friends at home. They’re still thinking about you, and even if you don’t have much time to contact, they’ll be happy to hear from you and learn more about your new experiences from time to time.

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