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How to Hide Wires When Mounting a Flat Screen TV on a Wall

Having a flat-panel TV mounted on the wall is the perfect finishing touch for your home theater system. The mounted television can provide the appearance of a movie screen and can be positioned at the perfect height for optimal viewing. The main issue for wall-mounted TVs is wire placement. Without some sort of masking, the wires and cables will be exposed and can look extremely messy.

While it is possible to run cables into a wall, this requires time and special skills. A good solution to this problem is to purchase a wire cover, which can be mounted to the wall below the television and painted to look like the rest of the room and use for TV mounting.


Connect the peripheral cables to the television and hang the television on the wall according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The wires should be hanging from the television.

Center the wire and cable cover on the wall below the television. Drill holes in the wall through the mounting holes in the cable cover. Set the cover aside.

Install the dowels in the holes you have created. Make sure they are flush with the wall.

Route the wires into the wire cover until the cover is flush with the TV and against the wall. The mounting holes in the cover must match the location of the wall anchors. Screw the cap on the wall.

Seal around the edges of the wire cover where it meets the wall. This will give it a uniform appearance. Let the putty dry for 30 minutes.

Paint the top with the same paint on the walls. If you need a good painting than the best option is to contact with experts which provides painting services Brooklyn. Let the cover dry and then hook the wires onto your components. Place the media cabinet in front of the cover under the television.

Tips and Warnings

There are several different textures of conductor covers on the market. Your best option is to try to get one that matches the texture of the wall. This will make it look like the cover is part of the wall and was meant to be there the whole time.

While attaching the wall cover, be careful not to accidentally drill through a component cable. You will have to pull the television from the wall to replace it. If you can’t do it with self than you should hire experts such as installation services provider king installation.