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Blue Quotes For Color Lovers And Creative

If you’re looking for a color that’s universally loved, blue is the hue for you. These quotes about blue will show you the power and beauty of the color. From its vibrant and bold qualities to its more mellow and ethereal aspects, there’s something for everyone in this collection of quotes. So if you’re a lover of blue quotes or simply appreciate creative quotes, be sure to check out this list!

These two quotes from Tecumseh and William Butler Yeats capture the magic and beauty of the world around us. When we take the time to appreciate the world, we open ourselves up to a realm of wonder and enchantment. If you’re looking for a quote that celebrates the beauty of life, these are it.

  1. “The sky is blue because of the scattering of sunlight by the atmosphere.” -Isaac Newton
  2. This quote from Isaac Newton perfectly captures one of the reasons why blue is such a beloved color. The sky is often a bright and beautiful blue, and this is due to the scattering of sunlight by the atmosphere. This phenomenon occurs when light waves bounce off of small particles in the atmosphere, and blue light is scattered more than other colors because it travels as shorter, smaller waves.
  3. “Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome” – Unknown
  4. This quote is perfect for anyone who needs a little encouragement. It reminds us that we have come far and faced many battles, which means we can overcome any fear or obstacle that comes our way. If you’re feeling doubtful, remember this quote and be inspired to keep going.
  5. “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” – Anais Nin
  6. This quote is about embracing change and growing into who we are meant to be. It’s often difficult to let go of our comfortable routines and take risks, but in the end, it’s usually worth it. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, remember this quote and be inspired to take the leap into something new.
  7. “I am thankful for all of those who said NO to me. It’s because of them I’m doing it myself.” – Albert Einstein
  8. This inspiring quote is perfect for anyone whose feeling discouraged. It reminds us that it’s okay to ask for help, and that sometimes other people’s no’s are what pushes us to do something great on our own. So if you’re feeling down, remember this quote and be encouraged to keep going.
  9. “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.” – Albert Einstein
  10. This quote from Albert Einstein speaks to the beauty of curiosity and wonder. When we allow ourselves to be curious and explore the unknown, we open up our world to endless possibilities. If you’re feeling stuck, remember this quote and be inspired to explore new things.
  11. “A different blue” – Robert Frost
  12. This poetic quote from Robert Frost speaks to the beauty of blue and how it can be interpreted in many different ways. No two blues are exactly alike, and that’s what makes the color so special. If you’re looking for a quote that celebrates the diversity of blue, this is it.
  13. “The most spiritual thing you can do is drink in the beauty of nature.” – Edwin Way Teale

Blue quotes to delight your senses 

  1. This quote from Edwin Way Teal celebrates the beauty of nature and how it can connect us to the spiritual world. When we take the time to appreciate the natural world, we open ourselves up to a realm of beauty and peace. If you’re looking for a quote that celebrates nature, this is it.
  2. “When you rise in the morning, give thanks for the light, for your life, for your strength. Give thanks for your food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason to give thanks, the fault lies in yourself.” – Tecumseh
  3. “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” – William Butler Yeats
  4. Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.” – Judy Garland
  5. “Blue is the color of peace. Water is blue. I like the color blue because it just puts me at peace. The patriotic symbol is blue. I just like blue.” – Antonio Brown
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